Ms. Amanda Laramie Trainer & Coach, Coleman Associates

Chief Operations Officer, Coleman Associates

Amanda is the Coleman Associates Chief Operating Officer. She is experienced in process design, training, and leadership development. Before working with Coleman, Amanda worked for a women’s health center in Providence, Rhode Island. She was a Medical Assistant and later, a Health Center Manager. Amanda has been working with Coleman Associates since 2011. Coleman is a national healthcare improvement and leadership consultant with over 30 years of healthcare experience. They focus on developing process improvement strategies, leadership dynamics, and forward-thinking in health center leadership. Amanda has helped hundreds of health centers across dozens of states to make critical improvements to their processes, their data-driven decision-making, their staffing models, and their leadership dynamics which improve their bottom lines, staff morale, outcomes, and patient satisfaction. Amanda’s breadth of expertise in clinical care, diversity, and administration provides ripple effects that create noticeable, meaningful changes that are felt from the front desk to the exam rooms and from the board room to the patient living rooms.