Mr. Curt Degenfelder

President, Curt Degenfelder Consulting

CDCI is based in Los Angeles and headed by Curt Degenfelder, a national Healthcare business consultant with 33 years of healthcare experience; 26 years focused on developing financial, operational, and strategic solutions for community health centers (CHCs). An industry thought leader, Curt has helped hundreds of CHCs across the country address critical organizational issues and improve their bottom lines, through creating effective approaches that consider both the internal and external operating environment. Curt’s expertise touches all facets of a CHC via his comprehensive analysis that runs from the front office to the management and board. Mr. Degenfelder has worked on Alternative Payment Methodologies (APMs) in Oregon, Washington, California, Iowa and Louisiana. Curt performs strategic planning, financial and operational trainings for CHCs, state primary care associations, the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) as well as boards and foundations.