Carlos Olivares

Executive Director, Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic

Carlos Olivares,grew up in La Paz, Bolivia and graduated from Pepperdine University. He has served as CEO of Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic (YVFWC) since 1986, when the organization had 150 employees and just a handful of sites. Under Olivares’ leadership, the clinic now employs nearly 1,700 employees providing medical, dental, mental health, and social services to more than 149,000 people with 24 medical sites, 12 dental sites, and an additional 59 programs. For the last 25 years, YVFWC has leveraged a risk contract model of managed care to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, quality, comprehensive health care. Olivares also sits on the board of a number of managed care organizations including CHP, FamilyCare, Coordinated Care, Molina, CHPW, CHNW, and EOCCO.