Eileen Goode BSN, RN

Chief Executive Officer, New Mexico Primary Care Association

Eileen Goode is the CEO of the New Mexico Primary Care Association and its HCCN; a position she has held since July 2017. She has been with NMPCA for 20 years and has 40+ years experience as a registered nurse. NMPCA serves 16 health center grantees and 3 look alike designees in the state. New Mexico, and specifically NMPCA, is focused on behavioral health integration. NM endured a behavioral health crisis in 2013 which intensified the need for these efforts; especially for Medicaid beneficiaries. Eileen is a member of the New Mexico Primary Care Council which was formed in 2021; one area of focus for the council is behavioral health integration. NMPCA was a recipient of the Delta Center for a Thriving Safety Net grant and alumni grant and NMPCA partnered with the NM Behavioral Health Provider Association in that work.