Matthew Kozar

Director, Strategic Initiatives, Office of Policy and Program Development, Bureau of Primary Health Care/HRSA

Matt Kozar has worked at HRSA for over 20 years and has supported the Bureau of Primary Health Care’s (BPHC) Health Center Program since 2009. Since 2015, Matt has served as the Director of the Strategic Initiatives and Planning Division (SIPD) within the BPHC’s Office of Policy and Program Development. The activities of SIPD ensure that the Health Center Program funding connects to a strategic view of the emerging health care landscape, such as the development of the Service Area Needs Assessment Methodology (SANAM) that was recently released in the FY 2019 New Access Point funding opportunity. Additionally, SIPD also supports the maintenance of the Health Center Program grant funding operations, and provides programmatic development and oversight for the over $3.5 billion in capital grant funding provided since 2009, and the nearly $900 million in recently provided loan guarantee authority to support health center infrastructure projects.