Kelly_Sweeney McShane

Kelly Sweeney McShane

President and CEO, Community of Hope

Kelly Sweeney McShane is a well-respected and innovative nonprofit leader in Washington, DC. For over 30 years, she has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of homeless and low-income families in Washington, DC through providing direct services as well as finding long-term solutions through system change. Her bold leadership in housing systems and healthcare delivery is transforming care in both fields. Kelly has been President and CEO of Community of Hope (COH) since 2001. Her leadership and foresight have grown COH from a budget of $1.8 million to $32 million, allowing the organization to annually serve the needs of about 16,000 people. Founded in 1980, COH's mission is to improve health and end family homelessness to make Washington, DC more equitable. Kelly has led the organization through four strategic plans and multiple capital projects.