Jennifer Walsh

Senior Vice President and Chief Governance Officer, The Wright Center for Community Health and its affiliated entity, The Wright Center for GME

Jenn joined The Wright Centers for Community Health and Graduate Medical Education because of her passion for their shared mission to improve the health and welfare of our community through inclusive and responsive health services and the sustainable renewal of an inspired, competent workforce that is privileged to serve. In addition to acting as Executive Counsel, Jenn oversees the legal, organizational integrity and compliance, government relations and community affairs departments in addition to innovative, high-performing governance for multiple organizations in The Wright Center’s Enterprise. Jenn prioritizes the engagement of like-minded and mission-aligned stakeholders to optimize the impact of federal, state and private investments in public health, ensuring that the shared vision and values of collaborating community-based organizations and government agencies always remain at the core of all organizational initiatives. Jenn passionately advocates for effective policy development in alignment with board members, patients, physician and interprofessional learners and executive management, and promoting legislation that enhances primary health workforce initiatives in order to improve our nation’s health.