Jennifer Stoll

Executive Vice President, External Affairs, OCHIN

Jennifer Stoll is the Executive Vice President of Policy, Advocacy, and Partnerships for OCHIN, a national nonprofit research and innovation network that provides solutions expertise, clinical insights, and advanced technology support to drive health equity. With extensive experience shaping federal and state health care policy, Jen advocates on behalf of more than 21,000 providers across OCHIN’s national network to sustain and expand access to care for rural and underserved communities. A leading spokesperson at the intersection of technology and health policy, Jen heads strategic partnership and advocacy efforts to transform local health care delivery through investments in health information technology, broadband expansion, health information exchange, telehealth/virtual care, and innovative payment models. Jen holds degrees from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and the University of Connecticut, and she currently serves on multiple state boards and national committees to inform the future of health policy.