Emily Phillips

Telehealth Project Manager, The Fenway Institute

Emily Phillips, MBA/HSM is a health care operations specialist with more than 12 years of telemedicine experience. She currently serves as Fenway Health’s Telehealth Project Manager where she designs, drives, and optimizes virtual programming. Emily has long been a champion for telehealth innovation in the community health setting, collaborating with health centers across the nation, presenting and sharing best practices for evidence-based telehealth, and participating in learning collaboratives dedicated to furthering the use of telemedicine to create lasting change in value-based care. Via a grant from the National Institutes of Health she developed a telehealth program at a multi-site Massachusetts based FQHC, which grew to include synchronous and asynchronous solutions such as Telepsychiatry, Video Interpreting, TeleMAT, Remote Patient Monitoring, Teledermatology, and Teleretinal Imaging among others.