Carolyn Emanuel-McClain

Chief Executive Officer, Rural Health Services, Inc.

Carolyn Emanuel-McClain graduated UNC-School of Public Health (Chapel Hill, NC) with a Masters in Public Health (Administration). She founded the Lumbee Medical Center in Pembroke and was responsible for obtaining the first PHS Section 330 funding for a health center in Robeson County, NC. She became the Executive Director of Family Health Centers, Inc. in Orangeburg, SC where she remained for the next 15 years and was responsible for the health center being the first CHC to become JCHO accredited in SC. Effective August 14, 2009. Carolyn Emanuel-McClain became the Chief Executive Officer for Rural Health Services, Inc. Mrs. Emanuel-McClain has served as a past Chair of the National Association of Community Health Centers and is the current chair of the SC Primary Health Care Association. She has an abundance of experience in turning around troubled health care organizations and bringing resources to provide health care to rural underserved areas.