Amy Cunniffe

Partner, SplitOak Strategies LLC

Amy Jensen Cunniffe is an experienced Washington health care leader with multiple positions in government and government relations firms. Prior to co-founding SplitOak Strategies LLC, she served as Principal at Washington Council EY, GE Healthcare’s Leader for the Government Relations team, and top lobbyist at AdvaMed. Cunniffe was also Senior Vice President of Government Relations at Caris Life Sciences. For two years, Cunniffe served as Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs for President George W. Bush. During her White House tenure, she played a critical role crafting and passing the Medicare Part D drug benefit legislation. Earlier in her career, she worked as an Assistant to the Speaker of the House. In Congress, Cunniffe helped build the Medicare Advantage program, modernize the FDA and ensure passage of the Balanced Budget Act (BBA). Cunniffe received a B.A. in Political Science from Truman State University.