Steve Abramson

Chief Operations Officer, ChapCare

Steven Abramson is the Chief Operations Officer of ChapCare, a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) that provides primary healthcare services to 16,500 individuals annually in the San Gabriel Valley. Mr. Abramson oversees the organization’s fundraising, marketing, outreach, member services, and operations. During his tenure at ChapCare, he has helped the organization grow from 4 to 8 health centers, plan and implement its innovative “retail” health insurance enrollment shop model, and employ new technology solutions that support health insurance screening and enrollment and patient education. Mr. Abramson has 12 years of experience working for non-profit organizations in Los Angeles County. Previous experience includes working at AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the largest non-profit HIV/AIDS service provider in the world; and Clinica Romero, a FQHC, located in Los Angeles.