Natalie Levkovich

Chief Executive Officer, Health Federation of Philadelphia

Natalie Levkovich has been chief executive of the Health Federation of Philadelphia (HFP) for more than 30 years. HFP is a consortium of community health centers in the greater Philadelphia region providing care annually to more than 350,000 patients. Ms Levkovich has played a critical role in convening and connecting organizations in the public and private sectors and mobilizing resources to expand service capacity and increase access to care. Ms. Levkovich has been responsible for a number of initiatives to change practice standards and increase efficiency. HFP initiatives are based on best practices, business strategy, effective organizing, and sustained leadership focused on addressing community needs. Notably, she has been instrumental in the rapid expansion of integrated care in her region. The work of the Health Federation of Philadelphia has been carried out through formal and informal collaborations with health providers, government agencies, funders, universities, community-based organizations, and consumers.