John Santistevan

Treasurer, NACHC Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, Salud Family Health

John Santistevan serves as Salud Family Health's President/ CEO. Mr. Santistevan is responsible for establishing the strategic vision for the organization and overseeing all operations. Prior to this position, Mr. Santistevan served as Salud's Deputy President/CEO and Salud's Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Santistevan joined Salud in 1996 and since that time, he has been on the front lines promoting expanded access to all members of the community, with a focus on health equity. He has been a tireless advocate working with community members, partnering organizations and local, state and federal legislators to promote Salud's Mission. Mr. Santistevan has developed strong community partnerships with hospitals, specialty physician groups, mental health agencies and public health departments to provide a diverse referral network to Salud patients. Under his leadership, Salud has grown to serve more communities and individuals in need of access to affordable, quality health care.