Additional NACHC Resources

Health Center Governance


NACHC offers on-demand resources – including articles, videos, and e-learning – to support effective governance on the Health Center Resource Clearinghouse. Resources include the Governance Guide for Health Center Boards that covers governance fundamentals, and modules on topics such as board roles, financial oversight, and strategic planning that can be used to support board orientation and ongoing education. Tailored resources to support boards in navigating governance during the pandemic are available, addressing the impact of COVID-19 on health center strategy, budgeting, virtual board member orientation, promoting vaccine confidence, and more. Check back frequently for forthcoming materials.

Health Center Resource Clearinghouse

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The updated Health Center Resource Clearinghouse COVID-19 landing page is your one-stop shop to COVID-19 resources on the Clearinghouse with contributions from HRSA funded Training and Technical Assistance Partners, PCAs, and HCCNs. From here you can access tailored and health center specific information on vaccine distribution , resources on emergency management and operations, financial management, governance AND tailored materials for special and vulnerable populations.