The 2020 Finance, Operations Management, Information Technology (FOM/IT) is an all-virtual convening of health center staff and senior leaders, industry experts, and thought partners committed to sharing ideas and solutions that have emerged in the context of COVID-19. The conference will showcase practical tools, cutting edge strategies, and technology to address financial and operational challenges of today and the future. The conference will highlight high-performing health centers that are innovating and boldly re-defining what community health looks like in action and practice.

Financial Sustainability for Virtual Care.PDFDownload
Access to Care in the "New Normal".PDFDownload
Grants Management Update: COVID-19 Edition.PDFDownload
Call Centers in the Time of COVID…and Beyond.PDFDownload
Healthcare Cybersecurity Developments: What You Need to Know.PDFDownload
FQHCs Are Expected to Participate in VBP: Are You Ready?.PDFDownload
Innovative Schedule Changes to Enhance Patient Access by 33%!.PDFDownload
Leveraging Alternative Care Delivery Models, Data, and Technology to Maintain Access to Care.PDFDownload
Budgeting in the Time of COVID.PDFDownload
Building and Leading Resilient Teams.PDFDownload
Keys to Successful Implementation of Telehealth Programs Now and Into the Future.PDFDownload
Revenue Cycle Management During and After COVID-19.PDFDownload
Moving the Needle: The Value of the Pharmacy Team in Immunizing.PDFDownload
The Search for an Electronic Patient Engagement Tool That Meets Health Center’s Needs.PDFDownload
Prioritizing Value – From Strategy to Implementation.PDFDownload
Medical Assistant Roles and Skills in Telehealth Team-Based Care.PDFDownload
Reply “CARE:” How Big Data Kept Our Patients Connected to Care During the COVID-19.PDFDownload
340B Under Attack: A Look at Recent Developments.PDFDownload
A Partnership Between Two States and Several FQHCs to Address Workforce Shortages and Improve Health Outcomes.PDFDownload
Medical Assistant Roles and Skills in Telehealth Team-Based Care.PDFDownload
Making the Shots: A Data-Driven Approach to Improving Rates of Child and Adolescent Immunizations.PDFDownload