Andi Fetzner PsyD

Trauma Informed Care Coordinator, Eisner Health

Working in social service since 1999, Andi has served her community and peers. Working in the human service industry, she saw the continued injustice of peers ill-equipped for their roles experiencing burnout and compassion fatigue and children and families who were supposed to be healing, hurting. When she learned about the ACEs framework and trauma-informed approach, a lightbulb went off. Helping organizations and people live their purpose by understanding stress, its impact, and what they can do about it has become her life’s mission. Andi brings a unique training perspective including her own personal and professional experience to her workshops and coaching. As the Trauma-Informed Care Coordinator at Eisner Health, she has supported staff in all roles including administration, management, and direct service by teaching skills and concepts, providing skills and support, and offering resources in the community as they support staff and patients. You can learn more about this work in the project paper published by ACESAWARE titled, “Eisner Health’s Journey Through Implementing Trauma-Informed Care.”