Melissa Stratman

Chief Executive Officer and Trainer/Coach/Innovator, Coleman Associates

Melissa is the owner and CEO of Coleman Associates. Melissa started with Coleman when she was a pre-Med student and the team leader of her CHC’s process redesign team in 1999. In the 2000s mentored by Roger Coleman, Melissa managed the majority of the Coleman Associates social services work (food stamps, Medicaid, Immigration), as well as PVR™ and Access improvement collaboratives. Under Melissa’s leadership Patient Visit Redesign™ and access improvement were blended for a powerful and time-saving approach to improvement: DPI™ (Dramatic Performance Improvement) Collaboratives and Rapid DPI™ program. As CEO, Melissa has shepherded Coleman’s growth and developed many firsts: performance Dashboards program for clients, a tailored model for private practices, a tailored specialty care access program, a concretized Tactical Nurse™ training program, the Indispensible MA program, and architectural partnerships. Melissa is both a process redesigner and a digital process designer. Melissa founded the nationally utilized online training program (www.Vroom.Training) and began the development of Coleman’s video training tools. Besides her clinical skills and experience in the public health setting, Melissa has also worked for an insurer, a health care marketing firm and in the hospital setting where she developed a Cultural Diversity and Interpretive Services Department. When in Boulder, Melissa loves to tap into her farm family upbringing by gardening and cooking with her family. Melissa speaks Spanish fluently.