Joel Hughes

CHC/FQHC Consultant, Community Link Consulting

After three years in public accounting Joel entered the CHC world in 1993. Since that time his career has been dedicated to the community health center industry. He has worked as a CFO for eight years, 4 in a rural CHC/MHC and 4 in an urban HCH/CHC. Also, for 1 1/2 years he was the CEO at a new start CHC. In 1999 he opened his consulting business, Community Link Consulting (CLC) with a vision for supporting all things administrative in CHCs. Through Joel’s grant writing, compliance, revenue cycle and financial expertise, clients have supplemented their leadership and technical gaps, improved their financial health, and grown access to care for their target populations. CLC currently employs 43 consulting and billing experts and annually serves approximately 100-120 CHC clients annually across the country. Joel received his Bachelors of Science from Washington State University in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting.