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RWD6_1 - Strategic Scheduling

‐ Jun 24, 2020 2:30pm

The scheduling template is often a mismatch of staffing needs, PCMH and access requirements. It is created by one team then passed on to your entry-level staff to "get it right" so that everyone has a predictable and good day. This session gives hands on examples of how to create a better template, what to consider to meet (almost) everyone's demands, and get a schedule that works well for patients too. Participants are encouraged to bring a blank copy (HIPAA compliant) of the schedule template, a list of appointment types, and the rules that accompany the current schedule. You will participate in a practical exercise to determine how and when to make changes.

You will learn how to use the template to maximize capacity utilization through dynamic schedule management, how to anticipate and reduce no shows, increase visit numbers all while decreasing staff and patient frustration.