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Building the Care Team for Value-Based Payment (While Not Losing Your Shirt Under FFS)

‐ Mar 19, 2020 9:00am

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A comprehensive, integrated care team that includes both licensed and unlicensed professionals is key to reducing provider burnout, reaching quality goals, and successfully making the transition to value based payment models. The Health Federation of Philadelphia, an HCCN based in Southeastern Pennsylvania, has successfully supported participating health centers through a unique combination of workforce training and coaching, policy advocacy with payers and local government, and data and technology support. Outcomes include:  thirteen health centers with fully integrated behavioral health consultants as part of the primary care team under a sustainable, revenue-generating model; a model for training and supporting community health workers and their supervisors as they are incorporated into health center care teams; and a developing approach to documenting and analyzing outcomes data and return on investment related to the work of these care team members.   



Credits: None available.