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There’s Too Much to Do! Managing the Changing Environment in CHCs

‐ Nov 3, 2016 2:30pm

Credits: None available.

Increasing requirements from the ACA, PCMH, and Meaningful Use have led to more work to see each patient. This increased work has lowered visits per FTE, and pushed staff to the breaking point. In order to be successful moving forward, centers need to learn to control and manage this workload - adding more staff may not be the answer. This session will address how we have gotten to the point of excessive work, and how to recognize it in your organization. The presenter will also discuss tools for reducing work and streamlining operations and investigate how PCMH/practice redesign can impact the distribution of work.
  • Recognize the signs of too much work in your organization and the inefficiency that it breeds.
  • Identify techniques for reducing work/errors.
  • Understand how PCMH/practice redesign can impact the distribution of work to other staff.



Credits: None available.