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Using the Community Data in the UDS Mapper to Understand the Burden of Social Determinants of Health in Your Community

‐ Mar 16, 2020 1:30pm

Credits: None available.

The UDS Mapper is a robust geographic information system that includes community and aggregated patient data organized on a local level. This makes it a vital tool that health care providers can use to understand and convey the burden of social determinants of health on and for their patients. Health care organizations can currently use several tools to collect individual social determinants of health (including the PRAPARE tool). In addition, community-level data can help frame these data and help providers explain to patients why it is important to better understand individual needs. In this session, presenters will highlight data in the UDS Mapper that can help you visualize variation across your service area and demonstrate how to create maps to show providers, patients and payors the burden of social determinants of care for your community.



Credits: None available.