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Investing in Rural America: A Funders’ Panel on Bringing Resources to Rural Communities

‐ Mar 16, 2020 1:30pm

Credits: None available.

Rural America, including health centers, face uphill battles in bringing public, private, and foundation funding support to their communities. Whether it is a lack of access to donors, the philanthropy community not paying attention to their needs, and/or federal grant dollars not reaching the most isolated regions, rural health centers face additional challenges in raising financial support that their urban and even suburban counterparts don’t. This funders' panel will feature experts from the public and private sector talking frankly and openly about their work in the rural space, what they look for in potential health center partners, and offer insights on how to increase support for rural health centers. This conversation will allow participants to identify potential revenue streams to support their expanding work, address their questions on how the sector considers partnerships, and learn from peers about their efforts. Additionally, the session will offer participants opportunity to engage with the panelists in a robust Q&A via the conference app and in-person.



Credits: None available.