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Organizations of High Reliability: Incorporating Daily Operations and Safety Briefings

‐ Oct 25, 2019 9:00am

Credits: None available.

As an institution preoccupied with evolving as a highly reliable organization, Ryan Network sought to incorporate the tool of Daily Operational Safety Briefings (DOSBs) to sustain such efforts. A DOSB is one of the JACHO hallmarks for high-reliability organizations which calls for daily safety huddles or check-ins to facilitate effective safety communication. Through planning and research, Ryan Network discovered key briefing points to address the daily concerns of an FQHC. They outlined common safety/security issues that they felt were important to track, trend, and analyze transparently across the network. In addition, they also included key areas where resources might be shared to improve response to operational shortages. Their data reporting further captured urgent IT and facilities issues. As a result, Ryan Network was able to openly share lessons which reduce risk and improve network engagement in a multi-platform health care system.



Credits: None available.