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Grants Management Update and Lessons Learned: Highlights, Current Issues, Best Practices, and Reminders

‐ Oct 25, 2019 9:00am

Credits: None available.

During this session, presenters will provide insight into grant compliance issues facing CHCs based on observations from CHC audits, operational site visits, and information available from the financial capacity reviews being utilized by the Division of Financial Integrity (DFI). The compliance risks for CHCs continues to grow, and with competing priorities organizations are struggling to make the necessary changes. The Uniform Grant Guidance is almost five years old and the CHC Compliance Manual was released in August 2017 and CHCs have room for improvement. The DFI Financial Capacity Review document contains 17 management control areas that HRSA believes will ensure that grant recipients have policies in place that are compliant with the Uniform Grants Guidance and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Grants Policy Statement. Session presenters will share observations and provide action items on steps your CHC can take to be more compliant.


Credits: None available.