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PFE2 - Finding the Money in Substance Use, Addiction, and Opioids Prevention and Treatment: A Funders' Panel Perspective

‐ Mar 29, 2019 2:00pm

As the country's opioid crisis continues, funders from various fields including the federal government, state agencies, and private corporations have increased their funding to alleviate substance use and addiction issues. The federal government has poured a record amount of resources into these efforts through multiple avenues that have greatly assisted health centers.

To continue fighting substance use and addiction, health centers and their partners need to be aware of the potential future state and federal funding landscape; and the changing approaches of private philanthropies, including funding prevention and treatment programs, supporting the distribution of naloxone and working to develop opportunities for screening earlier on in patients' lives. This session will discuss the overall roadmap that is emerging on funding and provide attendees the ability to engage leaders in the funding space for their insights.