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PFD1 - Strategies for Driving Social Determinants of Health Policy and Practice Work in Your State Using PRAPARE - RECOMMENDED FOR YOUNG PROFESSIONALS

‐ Mar 29, 2019 8:30am

As social determinants of health (SDH) become more recognized as significant impacts to healthy living, increasing numbers of state payers and stakeholders are getting involved. How do you ensure that your SDH work aligns with and informs other initiatives that are occurring in your state? In this session, PCA and HCCN representatives will highlight their efforts using their work on PRAPARE to inform SDH policy and practice happening in their states. In particular, presenters will discuss different methods and strategies to showcase their specific PRAPARE experiences and findings while engaging in state-level transformation discussions with payers, funders, and policymakers. This session will detail how states can use these strategies to lay the groundwork and drive next steps in social determinants of health policy.