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IFA2 - 340B Pharmacy: A Close Examination of the In-House Versus Outsourcing Pharmacy

‐ Oct 27, 2017 11:30am

There are many considerations involved in deciding to have an in-house pharmacy or to use a contract 340B pharmacy. A "contract pharmacy" is a pharmacy that is owned by an organization other than the health center. Contract pharmacies include both large retail chains and independent community pharmacies. When deciding whether to use an in-house pharmacy, one or more contract pharmacies, or a combination of both, at a minimum an FQHC should consider several factors.

This session will discuss the pros and cons of both models.

  • Identify key compliance responsibilities for in-house and contract 340B pharmacies.
  • Understand the impact on patient access with each 340B model.
  • Understand upfront and ongoing costs for both contract and in-house 340B pharmacies.