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Maximizing HIT-Enabled QI: A Participatory Approach to Improving Performance and Achieving Value

‐ Nov 4, 2016 4:15pm

Credits: None available.

The Health Information Technology, Evaluation, and Quality (HITEQ) Center will lead a discussion on leveraging health information technology (HIT) for quality improvement (QI) related to business imperatives such as improving care and patient outcomes. Many value-based incentives (and potential penalties) are based on reported quality metrics. Health centers have long been reporting out data, but today there is more financial incentive tied to these metrics-- health centers must show they are improving patient outcomes while controlling costs. From HRSA's Quality and EHR award monies to the impending Quality Payment Program from CMS, reporting on quality measures and financial well-being are more closely linked than ever before._x000D_
High-quality, HIT-enabled QI is the key to measuring and monitoring key metrics to ensure that any issues with performance or data are known BEFORE reporting is due. This includes the ability to stratify data in order to identify sites, providers, or groups that are excelling or lagging. This session will include best practices and tips for taking on this task, as well as how to leverage HIT-enabled QI to maximize value across payers and funders. Presenters will also include an orientation to the HITEQ website and service offerings.
  • Gain an understanding about optimizing HIT systems and related staffing to support QI and value-based payment models.
  • Identify useful tools and resources to support HIT-enabled QI.
  • Utilize the HITEQ Center as a resource to optimize your HIT structure for realizing value and QI.



Credits: None available.