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CML3 - Peer Networks Support Health Center Leaders Through Health Care Uncertainty - P2P NETWORKING SESSION

‐ Aug 27, 2018 4:00pm

Enormous change in healthcare delivery and reimbursement, coupled with uncertainty about Medicaid and health insurance reform, expectedly leads to great concern and anxiety among health center leaders about how to navigate this brave new world. Where can they turn to share both their angst and experience? To their peers, of course. In these uncertain times, leadership peer networks can prove to be more valuable than ever! Join alumni from NACHC’s executive, financial, and clinical leadership trainings and various PCA/college/university-partnered Leadership Development Institutes to discuss your concerns, share best practices; and identify approaches to engaging your elected officials, transitioning to team-based care and value-based payments, securing savings, adding revenue, and expanding operations while growing your peer network.