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CML1 - Bring Your Passion: Tales from Health Center Leaders on Their Drive to Further the Health Center Movement - P2P NETWORKING SESSION and YOUNG PROFESSIONAL TRACK

‐ Aug 27, 2018 9:00am

With an expansive network of clinics and an ever-increasing patient population of more than 25 million, America’s health centers are now, more than ever, looking to the next generation of leaders to continue the mission of high-quality, cost-effective, and culturally competent healthcare for all. However, establishing one’s story, meeting mentors, or even figuring out where one fits in can often be challenging. As part of the Young Professional Leadership Exchange (YPLE) Track, this Peer-to-Peer Networking session will focus on activating the future leaders of the Health Center Movement. The first part of this session will provide opportunity for fellow young professionals to spend time with current health center leaders as they share their stories and what drove them to become the leaders they are today. Hear more about the directions they took and the skills they strengthened on their paths to success. The session remainder will be a breakout session for exchanging ideas regarding the future of health centers and the roles young professionals will play in that future. Bring your passion to the table and utilize your skills to become the next generation of health center leaders!