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IThA2 - Practical Considerations When Adding a Site

‐ Oct 26, 2017 2:30pm

Growth is a primary objective of most health center strategic plans and is often accomplished through the addition of new sites. Many organizations focus on the planning and construction, and the excitement of that first day. But there are myriad regulatory steps to perform to ensure you receive appropriate payment for the services delivered at your new site. BPHC, Medicare, and Medicaid each have specific requirements, as do NCQA and other accrediting bodies. Incomplete or missing forms can delay eligibility for payment and result in cash flow challenges.

Presenters will discuss these various requirements and provide a tool for tracking needed activities.

  • Understand the various Medicare enrollment requirements.
  • Identify examples of state-specific Medicaid enrollment requirements.
  • Develop a tool for ensuring the timely completion of all forms and for predicting cash flow.