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Application of Predictive Analytics to Medication Adherence in Community Health Centers

‐ Nov 4, 2016 2:30pm

Credits: None available.

Healthcare is fast embracing the power of advanced/predictive analytics. While these advanced technologies are specialized and expensive, the demonstrated return on investment can be immeasurable. As an integral component of our healthcare system today, community heath centers must keep pace with the movement to refine decision making consistent with enhancing quality and performance. This session will examine the background information on predictive analytics, and how this is currently being applied at a leading California community health center, La Maestra Community Health Center. Join your colleagues for a panel discussion of La Maestra's experience in applying predictive analytics to improve medication adherence among diabetics.
  • Describe familiarity with predictive/advanced analytics in healthcare.
  • Identify how predictive analytics may be applied in a community health center.
  • Describe how predictive analytics has impacted medication adherence at La Maestra Family Health Center.


Credits: None available.