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IThA1 - Your Health Center Billing Department: Highly Functioning or Not?

‐ Oct 26, 2017 11:30am

With ever-shrinking grant funding, billing incomes are the number one source of revenue for community health centers (CHCs). As CHCs add new programs, open new access points, or operate in Medicaid expansion regions, the billing department grows not only in importance but in complications as well. This will become ever more critical with proposed changes to the insurance market in 2017 and beyond. This high-level overview gives CHC Leadership easy-to-use tools that allow them to measure and benchmark their organizations against similar CHCs in their own states as well as nationally.

These tools will allow you to track payments per encounter, denial (nonpayment) rates, proper staffing, and the overall performance of your billing department.

  • Understand the billing and collections process at a CHC and how changes in the ACA affect this important source of revenue.
  • Analyze data available from different sources (billing systems, UDS Reports, etc.) to find trends, post-ACA, for those CHCs in Medicaid expansion states and those that did not expand.
  • Understand best practices and benchmarks in relation to billing and collections employed by CHC organizations nationally.