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CTuD2 - Assessing a Diverse Multi-Generational Workforce for Inclusion and Differentiated Learning

‐ Aug 29, 2017 2:00pm

This education session will discuss and compare the different generations operating alongside each other in health centers, and how to better engage the entire workforce, including non-clinicians and others who interface with patients, based on both their individual needs, as well as the experiences that have shaped their perspectives. Organizational and people development are the underlying premises to assure the viability and strength of health centers. We will explore what is behind the behavioral and attitudinal differences managers and supervisors perceive among diverse members of different generations, as well as the different generations' relationship and facility with innovative technologies, and how those impact instructional design, training, and learning, leading to the development of an efficient learning ecology for the expanded primary care team.
  • - Understand generational differences and diversity across the health center workforce for maximum engagement.
  • - Develop learning strategies and an understanding for the relationships among diverse employees of different ages.
  • - Understand the role of innovative technologies in engaging learning and facilitating collaboration among a diverse multigenerational workforce.