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PTuA1 - Advancing Health Equity through Community-Driven Research at Health Centers

‐ Feb 13, 2024 9:15am

Research is essential to inform both clinical practice and evidence-based policy that promotes equitable health care access and outcomes. For research to create knowledge that advances health equity, it must center the needs of historically underserved and understudied patients and communities. This session will feature trailblazers in the health center movement who are leading community-driven research focused on creating just and equitable health outcomes for all. Attendees will learn how health center, PCA, and non-profit researchers are overcoming a legacy of mistrust with participatory and emancipatory approaches to research, and how this research is benefiting their patients, employees, and communities. At a time when diverse participation in research is becoming part of the national conversation around racial justice, health centers are uniquely positioned to lead the field in ethical research that shifts ownership to the people and communities most affected.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of community-driven research and evidence-based policy to achieving health equity.
  • Understand how community-based participatory and emancipatory research approaches can build trust and shift ownership to communities most affected
  • Learn about emerging research happening now at health centers across the country, and how your health center can become a strategic research partner to advance equitable outcomes in understudied populations.