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PWA1 - Innovating Health Centers: Bridging Local Initiatives to National Impact and Policy

‐ Feb 14, 2024 9:15am

Prepare to engage in a dynamic conversation as we dive into the world of innovation within the community health center system. Our expert panel, featuring representatives from FQHCs, HCCNs, and innovation officers at both state and federal levels, invites you to be an active participant in this thought-provoking exchange. Together, we'll explore how innovation flows through the intricate web of community health systems, from local initiatives to nationwide policies. This discussion will draw insights from NACHC's Innovation Incubator, highlighting how external models can be leveraged to inspire and implement innovation at the local health center level. By adopting a systems thinking approach, we aim to identify emerging trends and challenges tied to innovation for community health centers. This session is designed to be an active participation session. Come ready to participate in the discussion. Join us to engage with thought leaders, share your insights, and collectively bridge local initiatives to create a national impact in community health centers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how innovation progresses from local ideas to national strategies.
  • Learn how systems thinking can help address emerging challenges.
  • Discover how external models can inspire and inform innovation.