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FW_4 - Key Principles of Presenting to the Board

‐ Dec 6, 2023 4:00pm

The ability to effectively present financial information to a board is a critical skill for every Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This dynamic and interactive session is specifically designed to equip CFOs of health centers with the knowledge, strategies, and techniques necessary to deliver impactful financial presentations to their boards.

During this session, participants will learn the critical elements that make a financial presentation engaging and comprehensible to board members. They will gain insights into how to effectively communicate complex financial information, present financial results, and articulate key financial statements in a manner that resonates with the board's diverse backgrounds and expertise.

Key Takeaways:
1. Understanding the board's perspective: CFOs will gain insight into the expectations, concerns, and priorities of board members, enabling them to align their financial presentations accordingly.

2. Crafting a compelling narrative: Participants will learn techniques to transform raw financial data into a story, with a clear beginning, middle, and end, that conveys insights, implications, and action points.

3. Simplifying complex financial concepts: CFOs will explore practical strategies to present financial information in a way that is easily understood by non-financial board members, using visual aids, simplified language, and relatable examples.