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CMH2 - The Teaching Health Center Planning and Development Program: An Overview and Update - IN-PERSON ONLY

‐ Aug 28, 2023 2:45pm

The Teaching Health Center program produces physicians and dentists who are dedicated to addressing the health care needs of underserved populations and to practicing in communities of need. Given the significant time and resources required to create educational partnerships, develop a curriculum, prepare a practice for hosting learners, recruit faculty, and attain accreditation, developing new, community-based training programs in underserved communities is challenging. The Teaching Health Center Planning and Development (THCPD) program provides up to $500,000 in seed funding and technical assistance to help community-based ambulatory care centers to create new residency programs in rural or urban underserved locations. To date, HRSA has awarded THCPD grants in Cohort 1 to 47 health centers across 26 states to develop residency programs in family medicine, psychiatry, internal medicine, pediatrics, and dentistry. An additional 46 awards were made to Cohort 2 grantees in 2023 to further grow training opportunities. This will be an interactive panel discussion comprised of THCPD grantees, state PCA representatives, and Technical Assistance Center (TAC) members.

Learning Objectives:

  • Outline tools, resources, and potential funding available to health centers interested in starting THCs.
  • Describe the THCPD program and the developmental progress of the Cohort 1 and 2 grantees.
  • Understand strategies that THCPD grantees have used to navigate barriers and successfully launch medical and dental training programs.