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IMA1 - 1,001 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Your Informatics Team

‐ Oct 31, 2022 11:45am

Credits: None available.

With the ever-increasing importance of organization expertise in data and analytics across projects and funding opportunities, informatics teams comprised of professionals with multidisciplinary backgrounds, in both clinical and computer science, are essential in increasing revenue, decreasing operational costs, and creating evidence-based policies and regulation. These teams are the forefront in innovation and translational approaches in solving public and population health issues within health center communities through the scientific approach of harnessing data to drive decisions. Informatics teams support the structure and maintenance of an enterprise-wide data management, which is the first step in transforming an organization’s adoption of data science. They also support federal policy efforts that target complementary areas, such as health IT standards, patient identification and matching, data governance, data privacy/security, and the creation of stronger financial incentives for care coordination through delivery and payment reform.This interactive session on building and investing in an informatics team will be led by health center leaders who have successfully built their informatics teams, demonstrating the added value across multiple facets of health center financial, regulatory, management, and clinical operations.




Credits: None available.