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IMC2 - Be ePIC: Restore Your Passion and Wellness to Best Serve Your Community

‐ Oct 31, 2022 2:30pm

Credits: None available.

Are you engaged and inspired by what you do? Or have the pandemic and associated impacts left you overwhelmed, exhausted, and lacking motivation or even the compassion you once had? Steve Wiley knows first-hand what it’s like to be the latter and how to pursue and capture the former. He will share a story of transformation that was not dictated by job or role, but rather by passion, integrity, and creativity—applied right where he was! This session will guide you through an approach to take control of your job and your life regardless of current circumstances. By tapping into an inner passion that you value, in and outside of work, you will improve and achieve personal fulfillment and professional success. By maintaining a broader definition of integrity, you will enhance balance and self-worth. And, by embracing inner creativity, you will open the door to new possibilities, including a redefined purpose in your work. Imagine the collective impact of a workforce that embraces the Creative application of a Passion, sustained with Integrity. Be ePIC!




Credits: None available.