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NFT01 - Health Center Enrollment/Credentialing… Avoidable Negligence

‐ Jun 30, 2022 10:00am

Does your health center comply with HRSA Compliance Manual Chapter 5 (e.g., vetting providers BEFORE they see patients?). Is CAQH a definitive source or provide attestation? Why is the Medicare/Medicaid provider exclusion list important? What’s the difference between Locum Tenens and “Incident to” billing? Why can’t we bill new providers under another employed provider’s NPI? Attend this session to get answers to these questions and more. Too many health centers are unaware of the liabilities, and lost income, resulting from not optimally, accurately, and/or completely enrolling providers with targeted health plans. The money lost is real as is the potential illegal activity resulting from being misinformed.