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NTO3 - Creating a Robust Culture of Privacy and Security at a Community Health Center

‐ Jun 14, 2022 4:00pm

The number of privacy and security regulatory requirements and risks faced by community health centers has expanded exponentially over recent years. The need to develop a synergistic approach to privacy and security has become critical for the proper operations of health centers. During this session, Unity Health Care will share some of the strategies they have adopted to move toward a robust culture of privacy and security while taking into account the constraints and resource limitations that are typical for most health centers. Special emphasis will be placed on identifying and managing risks. They will share their journey of how Unity went from having disparate privacy and security activities, to establishing a comprehensive program with measurable outcomes such as, above 80% completion on annual trainings, a 56% decrease in the number of staff clicking on malicious links in emails and proactive identification of cyber risks with prompt response to possible threats.