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CTuC1 - Health Center Advocacy for Board Members

‐ Aug 29, 2017 9:00am

The role health center board members play in driving effective and powerful advocacy at their health centers, both personally and as an organization, cannot be overstated. Active participation by the board of directors is a key element to building a successful advocacy program at all levels of health center operations and outreach. This session will share best practices on how health center boards can and should work with health center leadership to drive advocacy initiatives, develop board structure and advocacy planning to make advocacy an organizational priority, and effectively leverage relationships with other community leaders to raise awareness and increase power and influence.
  • Identify best practices for participating in advocacy activities with health center staff and out in the community, on behalf of the health center (to include engagement with local, state, and federal elected officials).
  • Think creatively and innovatively about advocacy efforts and activities, including how to leverage your role with outside employers and community groups to raise awareness of and gain support for your health center.
  • Establish and build a culture of advocacy at your health center.