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HTuA3 - Pro-Bono Engagement as a Partnership Strategy to Address Organizational (NACHC Pillar #6)

‐ Nov 16, 2021 3:15pm

Pro Bono engagement refers to the voluntary engagement of professionals who share unique skills for free or nearly free with organizations that may not be able to house these skills on a daily basis. These engagements are often in pursuit of a common social goal or helping to advance a non-profit’s strategic goals. For the health center community, including PCAs and HCCNs, pro bono engagements can offer an opportunity to work with corporate partners who bring strategic planning, high-level marketing/branding, evaluation, and change management coordination expertise to projects that would often be too expensive or out of reach. Additionally, it offers an opportunity to work with partners in a way that extends beyond a traditional conference sponsorship or one-off engagement. This session will discuss the primary components of pro-bono engagements, experiences from the field, and offer a forum for questions of national experts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the components of a pro-bono engagement.
  • Identify tools to help you review your own potential pro-bono engagement opportunities.
  • Relate the experiences of the panelists to your own potential pro-bono engagement opportunities for your organization.