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HTuA2 - Health IT for Health Equity: Implementing Social Interventions Codying by Leveraging PRAPARE Data (NACHC Pillars #1 and #5)

‐ Nov 16, 2021 2:00pm

As PRAPARE is increasingly used by care teams nationally to assess patient social determinants of health needs, it is critical to have a standardized system to track the social interventions provided in response. Such systems can promote cross-sector collaboration to assess and address social factors to facilitate comprehensive care coordination to “close the loop” for patients. Use of the national standardized social interventions protocol would also promote collaborative data collection, aggregation, reporting, exchange, and communication by cross-sector partners to comprehensively address systems and policies that negatively impact the social determinants of health.

This session will walk through the PRAPARE Social Interventions Protocol that integrates stakeholder best practices and lessons learned collected through an iterative process of development with a national Social Interventions Technical Expert Panel (TEP) of diverse cross-sector partners. Attendees will hear from organizations that have implemented the PRAPARE Social Interventions Protocol as well as PCA & HCCN staff on how they have supported health centers with SDOH needs assessment. The session will conclude with a discussion amongst guest speakers centered on considerations for social interventions coding.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the data collection protocol to track social interventions provided in response to the identification of PRAPARE social determinants of health needs.
  • Hear from a health center and a social services organization that are using the standardized social interventions data collection protocol.
  • Understand how PCAs and HCCNs can best support health centers with SDOH data collection and documenting social interventions.