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HTuA1 - Advancing Health Center Models of Care (NACHC Pillar #5)

‐ Nov 16, 2021 12:30pm

Amidst the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and a changing world, health centers must continue to deliver quality health care while transitioning to a value-based model of care. New and innovative models of care are required for health centers to remain competitive and relevant to the communities they serve. This session provides examples, both within and outside the health center world, of new and expanded models of patient-centric care. Come hear a health care leader describe how they design ‘care that meets you where you are’; learn from health center leaders how they are expanding care models beyond the walls of their health center and ways to partner with and grow communities; and, finally, leave with tangible action steps to join together with peer across the nation in working toward systems change and new models of care through the new and expanded Elevate 2022.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn of innovative care models outside the health center program.
  • Hear examples of health center care models expanding beyond the walls of the health center and working to grow communities.
  • Walk away with tangible strategies for advancing innovative care models in member health centers.