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The Compliance Manual: What Does It Mean for Your Health Center?

‐ Mar 17, 2018 9:00am

In August 2017, HRSA issued the Health Center Program Compliance Manual which provides a streamlined and consolidated resource to assist health centers in understanding and demonstrating compliance with their programmatic requirements. The Manual replaces prior HRSA guidance, merging into one document an explanation of each requirement, the elements and documentation necessary to demonstrate compliance, and specific areas of health center flexibility. It also provides an avenue to achieve operational excellence. Recently, HRSA also issued a new Site Visit Protocol, which aligns with the Manual and reflects a more objective assessment tool for use during Operational Site Visits (OSVs). Is your health center prepared for the updated OSV process resulting from the Manual and Protocol? This session will address the key distinctions between the Manual and prior guidance with respect to interpretation and implementation of health center requirements. Participants will learn to use these companion documents and explore updates to the OSV process based on the Protocol and should leave this session with "tips" on developing their own work plans to prepare for their on-site assessments.