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CP25 - CareSouth Carolina MOBYs - Mobile Vehicles to Provide and Enhance Services for Our Patients

‐ Aug 18, 2021 11:24pm

CP25 - CareSouth Carolina MOBYs - Mobile Vehicles to Provide and Enhance Services for Our Patients

Poster Type: Innovation

Category: Expanding Access to Care and Other Services

Issue or Challenge: We saw the COVID-19 Testing need facing us with a rural population in our 5 county service area with a total population of 185,693. We heard about using mobile vehicles that could be outfitted for testing. After choosing one, we designed the vehicle to not only be used for COVID-19 testing but though these could be used to bring needed services to our patients outside of the existing medical centers we have. We purchased 5 units, one for each of our 5 counties in rural SC that we serve.

Description of Innovation: The MOBY vehicles are designed to offer direct patient outreach, lab testing and collection, vaccine administration, and future closing of patient medical gaps in care. Direct patient outreach is offered by the quick setup at almost any location. The vehicle is similar to an ambulance but its inside configuration was designed to maximize space. There is a side window that pops out and a step included that allows patients to step up outside the vehicle and have certain lab tests collected while standing. The inside of the vehicle is equipped with 2 seats for staffing, one of which is at the back with a laboratory workstation. There are numerous cabinets on both sides to allow for storage of all supplies. There is both a vaccine-grade refrigerator and freezer on board to store both vaccines, medications, and lab reagents. The vehicle has internet access onboard for EMR access. The outside of the vehicle includes a canopy that automatically rolls out to provide shade and shelter for patients and staff while working. The vehicle is staffed with a phlebotomist and a Community Health Worker, and have included nurses and providers to see patients in the parking lots where the MOBY is setup when these staff are available.

Impact or Result: Our MOBY vehicles started providing services with 1 MOBY starting in October of 2020. 3 additional MOBY vehicles started providing services in November and the 5th MOBY arrived in January. Our sites include Division of Social Services, City Chambers of Commerce, Coker College Athletic Department, Churches, Libraries, YMCAs, Community Colleges, Dollar Generals, Grocery Stores, Community Centers, Convenient Stores, Free Medical Clinics, Apartment Complexes, and Schools. To date, we have administered over 7900 COVID-19 tests in our communities. We have just started offering vaccines in the last week on our MOBY vehicles and given over 200 vaccines in our communities.

Replicating this Innovation: The plans, videos, and pictures for our MOBY vehicles can and will be shared with anyone or any center that would like to see these. The vehicle and the staffing are the two largest challenges with this type of innovation. We also have a YouTube video showing the MOBY in action and a tour of the vehicle. Here is the link to the YouTube video


Randall Carlyle, MPA, Chief Quality Officer, CareSouth Carolina